Children From Rwanda

Children From Rwanda

During my collaboration with an UNESCO program, I went several times in Africa, including Rwanda

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Here are some photos of these different missions, mostly with regard to orphans of Rwanda and the mission with Marie Jose Perrec and Marie Jose Lallart (« Espérance et solidarité autour d’un ballon » – UNESCO)

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In this small country, 26 338 km2 for 11 millions persons , rapes are still very common.

Rwandans violate  Congoleses, Ugandans violate Rwandans…  everyone violates everyone … and the abandonments of children are very numerous.

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And the orphanages lack financial resources.

The game allows the child to be able to cope with life’s problems.

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It allows to learn better. The game is a step towards freedom.

The genocide has left many victims with disabilities.

Without resources, they also accomodated by the orphanages.

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Old woman, inside orphanage, Kigali – Rwanda

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