“GLORIOUS”, le rock évangélique arrive en France

“GLORIOUS”, le rock évangélique arrive en France

Louanges, prières et « Connect group »


Transformer une chapelle en salle de concert et renouveler l’église, c’est le pari né de la rencontre de Benjamin et Thomas POUZIN avec le père David GREA, nouvellement nommé à Lyon.

Soutenu par Philippe BARBARIN, Primat des Gaules et cardinal de Lyon, ils ont été jusqu’à Rome afin d’offrir 2 de leurs albums au Pape.

Texte intégral (Fr)

The  » gospel rock » is coming in France

Transforming a chapel as a concert hall and renew the church, is the challenge created by the meeting of Benjamin and Thomas POUZIN with Father David GREA newly appointed to Lyon.
Supported by Philippe Barbarin, Cardinal Primate of the Gauls and Lyon, they have been to Rome to offer two of their albums to the Pope.

One of their aims: decomplex faith.

Largely inspired by Hill Song Church in Sydney, which attracts 22,000 people, their lyrics speak of God and they go straight to the point.

Originally founded in 2001 with their brother Aurelian, this band was a flying start with over 35,000 sales on their first album.
« Christian music is a very small community in France, » said Benjamin POUZIN. Ordinarily, 3000 sales, is a success, while all records sold in France, all styles, is hardly what sells in the U.S. in Christian music, 20% of their market.  »

« The aim is that people sing with us. We make a pop-rock music, a little bit like Coldplay, but our texts refer to God,  »
« Our success is proof that we need to renew some way to proclaim the faith.
And it was something very expected by the Christians.
Our audience has so many fervent Christians that people who practice just a little bit the religion.  »

« We are the first group of Pop Praise Made in World Youth Day, » said Benjamin. During the WYD, we found lot of evangelical groups, for most Protestants, this movement being the most important for this style of music.
This music has existed since the 60s in the U.S. but now it only happens here. We are the pioneers in Catholic circles to have « released » our electric guitars. At that time, in France,  it was without precedent. »
With four albums they have made over 100,000 sales and regularly give free concerts in Lyon Center, Rue de Conde.
Their dream: rent the Halle Tony Garnier every week and fill it with free concerts.

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