Lhassa sur Auvergne.

Lhassa sur Auvergne.

Implanté au cœur de l’Auvergne, le Dhagpo Kundreul Ling est l’un des plus importants centre d’ermitages monastiques et de retraites d’Europe.

Little Lhassa: Buddhist nuns lock up themselves.



In the remote part of the French country, nuns locks themselves, sometimes for life, for the benefit of the whole humanity.

Dhagpo Kundreul Ling situated in the pastoral hills of central France, is the largest group of Buddhist retreat centers and monastic hermitages in the West. Set a couple of miles apart, Le Bost and Laussedat house monasteries, retreat centers, stupas, temples, parks and a memorial garden. Among the numerous retreat centers, Pende Ling is destined for short-term individual retreats, while the other centers are reserved for the intensive, closed ‘3-year retreats’ and longer retreats of up to 12 years. Nearly 500 people – mainly western Europeans and also practitioners from the Americas, Eastern Europe and as far away as Tibet, Mongolia and Malaysia – have completed the traditional 3-year retreat there; 175 of these have completed two full cycles of retreat. Many of the practitioners who have completed a 3-year retreat, both the monastics and laypeople, continue their activity as Dharma teachers throughout Europe, the US, South America and Asia.

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