Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval

Hauterives – France 2012
The « Ideal Palace of Ferdinand Cheval »

The « Ideal Palace of Ferdinand Cheval »
Cheval began the building in April 1879. He claimed that he had tripped on a stone and was inspired by its shape. He returned to the same spot the next day and started collecting stones.
For the next thirty-three years, Cheval picked up stones during his daily mail round and carried them home to build the Palais idéal
He spent the first twenty years building the outer walls. At first, he carried the stones in his pockets, then switched to a basket . Eventually, he used a wheelbarrow. He often worked at night, by the light of an oil lamp.
The Palais is a mix of different styles with inspirations from Christianity to Hinduism. Cheval bound the stones together with lime, mortar and cement.