Reportage: Tie me up!

Reportage: Tie me up!

The origin of the Shibari comes from Hojo-jutsu, the martial art of restraining captives, very practiced in Japan in the 1400s. The Shibari,gradually recognized as a major art and aesthetics, has become a very popular art of bondage in Japan in the 1950’s and shows up now in Europe.

The kinbaku is a type of Japanese sexual bondage for sadomasochistic games.

In the 1990s,the term  » Shibari « , which is used in Japan to describe the art of tying packages , became the most popular name in the West. It refers to the art of bondage kinbaku.
At first,the Kinbaku, equated to martial arts ,  is called « Hojojutsu ». It is originally a method of torture, whose the technique differs depending on the rank of the prisoner. Then it turned into an erotic game and an art of erotic spirituality.
In the Shibari, the model is the canvas, the rope is the paint and brush, and the rigger is the rope artist. The positioning of knots in appropriate places stimulates pressure points on the body, very similarly to acupuncture techniques and Shiatsu.


The japanese bondage differs from western bondage because instead of immobilizing the subject and practicing certain constraints, the techniques of the shibari add to this basic concept an aesthetic point of view, even erotic, and the stimulation of energy centers at specific points of the body.

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A great complicity and collaboration between the artist and the model is essential to create a combination of effects.
The Shibari can also be used as a component in BDSM games and an enhancement in sexual activities.
The Shibari is characterized by the use of a purely artistic, aesthetic rope, whilst the kinbaku refers to the connective, sensual, sexual practice as a whole.

In Rome, a Kinbaku meeting has killed a young woman and his girlfriend is still in a coma.
The Shibari is not to be taken lightly and must be supervised by professionals: it is, in fact, responsible for a thousand fatalities per year. By doing the Shibari, the actor David Carradine died in Bangkok in 2009. »


Yoroi Nicolas is a performance artist. He put on the emotional exchange and the peculiarity of the relation between the rigger and the model. He develops an intimist and humanist practice.
After 4 years of study to learn this technique in Japan, he begins to give classes in Paris since 2011.
Now, he travels throughout Europe.

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